The twittersphere doesn't decide elections

Hear what real people have to say.

Twitter has near 50 million bot accounts


Facebook measures its fake accounts in the billions

fake accounts

61% of Donald Trumps 50 million+ followers are either bot accounts, spam accounts, inactive accounts, or propoganda accounts. source

Increase organic grassroots participation

Most Americans aren't on Twitter,
but they do have a phone.

Make your campaign more inclusive, more interactive, and more representative.
Drive the public to participate with your own powerful voicemail number.

signal vs noise

Separate the signal from the noise

Supplant traditional forms of online discussion rife with bots, fake accounts, and memes, and listen to real voices from real people.

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constituent data and analytics

Make data-driven decisions

Getting public sentiment just got a lot easier, a lot faster, and a lot more secure.

Replace older and slower research methods such as mailed surveys, in-person interviews, and focus groups with real-time analytics.

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Voices speak louder than text

Text doesn’t carry tone of voice. From cadence, to loudness, to intonation, people tend to express themselves differently in conversation than they do on the page.

"The bond you are able to build with an audio or video audience is unachievable with the written word. There’s absolutely no comparison."
- Rob Walling

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person leaving a message

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